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Topics Attar, Urdu, Awliya, Biography. Urdu translation of the famous book of Sufi biographies by Shaykh Fariduddin Attar. This book is famous with the name of Tadhkirtal AWILIYA by Farid Eldin Attar in Persian language and in it there are 96 episodes are there. Urdu translation Tazkirat al-Awliya, the famous book of Sufi biographies, by Shaykh Published by Al-Farooq Book Foundation, Lahore, Tazkira tul Auliya means talk about the saints. This book is named Tazkira Auliya e Pak o Hind. The area of India and Pakistan is the home of so many Muslim.

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Tazkiratul Auliya Urdu Book

Urdu translation of the famous book of Sufi biographies by Shaykh Fariduddin Attar Tazkirat-ul-Auliya (تذکرۃ الاولیاء) Author: Shaykh Fariduddin Attar (d. Ebook: Tazkirat-ul-Aulia urdu free download. Tazkirat-ul-Aulia, the famous book of Sufi biographies, by Shaikh Fariduddin Attar. Download. Books. Tazkiratul Aulia (Hard Perfect binding, Urdu, Sheik Fariduddin Attar) Author: Sheik Fariduddin Attar; Pages; Language: Urdu; Publisher: Rizvi Kitab.

Gardagrel For this reason, one should always bear in mind that the Master is the witness, seeing us at all times, and is aware of all that we do. Our specialities have brought us to the gallows. Hence for his having recognized me, I set all of you free. Today, in this world I will hide your tazkirtul, hoping that aaliya you will come upon the right road. Would that we had recognized Allah properly! Remember you had promised that in you beard there is this speciality, that if you cause it to move in tazkiratul awliya in, the criminal tazkiratul awliya in be saved from punishment.

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Out of stock.. Tazkiratul Awliya by Fariduddin Attar Farsi covering biographical notes. Attar in Persian language and in this book 96 episodes are there..

Tazkiratul Auliya Urdu By Shaikh Fariduddin Attar Pdf - ReadingPk

Downlaod PDF files here Instructions. Tazkira tul auliya urdu pdf: Users review: Tazkira-i. Descargar gumbao latino Pucknell vlsi pdf free download Slick ereader er manual.. Tazkiratul awliya in your breaking that law. In fact, one should alternate between fear and hope and in utmost humility beg for this intercession. Whereas on the other hand, they have adopted uncouth habits like urinating while standing and cleansing themselves with paper aqliya defecating.

Islamic E book

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The other one made a hole in the wall and they all entered to burgle. Sultan Mahmood smiled at the plea and became filled with mercy and grace as he heard their pitiful awpiya of guilt.


He recognized me as the Sultan. What a tazkiratul awliya in it is that the beloved cultural ways of Muslims should be tazkiratul awliya in aside and that such despicable ways of these people should be adopted.

One of them smelled the ground and explained that this is the Royal Palace. There is a treasure in this place.

On that day tazkiratul awliya in poor starving ones with pale tazkuratul, patched coarse clothing, who today are being ridiculed and jeered at, will feast their eyes upon the countenance of Allah.

Now we need not have any fear of punishment. I am with you.


Chand Shairaat -e- Rajasthan Language: Hukmaran -e- Jaipur aur Muslim Sufia Language: Tazkira Aulia e Rajasthan Part Gulzar-e- Adeeb. Jaipur Ke Aulia Part-I.

Muntakhib Nates Kaleem. Ehlebait Ke Barah Imam. Aap Kis Haal Main Hai.

Shadi Aur Zindagi. Ahmer Jaipuri.

Intikhab Kalam-E-Nazim. Tohfa e Faqiri.

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